Wednesday, July 1, 2009


I'm worried that we might get kincked out of our house cuz the landlords own 14 different properties and they're having an inspector come in on Monday, July 6, and if it doesn't pass inspection, it cannot qualify for insurance. If it does not qualify for insurance they are not allowed to rent to anyone =( . Plus, we have no money to move and have no idea where we would move if we had to. Plus, our suburban is still down with a bad radiator, so we can't all go anywhere. So, pray for us that everything will work out OK.

Friday, June 26, 2009

3 cart shopping trip

Gotta love summer!! We went shopping a couple days ago at Walmart and filled 3 carts full of mostly groceries, some misc stuff, but mostly groceries. I can't believe how much food my kids go through when they're all home!! School lunches are WAY cheaper than trying to feed them all at home!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Well, today seems to be a lot calmer than yesterday when, whatever could go wrong did. On days like that you seem like you'll never make it through, but then, suddenly, it's the next day and you have a new chance to see what adventures will come.

So far today is pretty boring but I'm sure that won't last long as soon as everyone gets home from school and work. Allison is home today because the school kept all the kindergardeners home since the new ones for next year are registering today. She is having fun watching whatever she wants on TV without having to fight w/her older sisters and brother. It's nice to be spoiled sometimes =)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How Clean is Your House?

There's a show that was on Lifetime Network, which I found on DVD at Netflix called,"How Clean is Your House" that I've been watching lately. It is so interesting, but so disgusting. There is a team of two British ladies that go into people's homes that are filthy, I mean FILTHY and help them clean it and give them cleaning tips. 

I watched about 20 episodes and got thoroughly disgusted. You cannot imagine how bad some people's houses are. It also made me vow to myself that I would NEVER let my house get like that. So, since I've watched the shows I have been cleaning and scrubbing almost nonstop. In fact, Kaydee actually called me a clean freak today which, for those of you who really know me is the LAST nickname I would ever have!! LOL!!

The only drawback is cleaning constantly with 5 kids and a hubby who's still set in his slobby ways, which I shared with him until this week, has made me a tad cranky and nagging. Not only am I constantly cleaning, but constantly reminding everyone else to clean up after themselves too, which is making them also cranky . Hopefully I can figure out how to ask a little nicer and pretty soon they'll get the hang of better habits so there won't be so much nagging.